About our Cabins in upstate New York

The history of our accommodations in the Adirondack Mountains begins in 1931, when Claude and Rose Polmateer purchased almost 4 acres of gorgeous Sacandaga River front in Hope, NY, constructed roadside cabins, and the next year launched their business as “The Polmateer Cabins.” When Claude passed away in the mid 1960s, Rose continued to run the business until 1989… 57 seasons!

Now In 2009, 20 years after Rose’s sunset season and 77 years after the first travelers discovered why Hope, NY is an ideal Adirondack vacation destination, “The Cabins in Hope…An Adirondack Bed and Breakfast” welcomes new travelers. We are privileged to continue over a half-century lodging tradition by providing our guests with comfortable surroundings, B&B style hospitality, and visual refreshment. We are combining the best of 20th century rustic Adirondack Mountains ambience with 21st century travel amenities to make your stay a memorable one.



Distance from major cities:

Albany Airport
New York

70 mi
200 mi
210 mi
235 mi
235 mi

1.25 hrs
3.75 hrs
3.50 hrs
4.25 hrs
4.25 hrs 

Towns nearby:

Saratoga Springs
Blue Mountain Lake
5 mi
10 mi
15 mi
17 mi
18 mi
25 mi
45 mi
65 mi 

Why Hope?…Why the Cabins in Hope?

Route 30, aka The Adirondack Trail, was the main access to the Adirondacks before the Northway (Route 87) was built. With the opening of Route 87, Adirondack traffic flow, tourists, and commercialization moved east. What remained was what continues to draw us all to the Adirondacks: beauty, nature, and a rural character that makes us know “we’re away.”

The town of Hope (so small even the US Postal Service won’t locate an office here), in the South Central Adirondacks, is the perfect first stop or final destination for anyone from as far east as Boston or south from Manhattan. We are 200 miles from Mid-town and 235 miles from the Back Bay. Within a 4-hour drive from either location, you can be enjoying the comforts of your cabin. Amtrak offers great service from Manhattan to Saratoga Springs where an Enterprise Car representative will pick you up and take you to your car. From there, you can be in Hope in less than 1 hour.

NY Route 30 was the original north/south route through the Adirondacks. Traveling it, instead of The Northway, the other north/south route is a pleasant change of pace. The location of The Cabins in Hope provides marvelous choices for how you spend your time and is a “great base camp.” Just touring Route 30 north makes for a great, fun drive. It traverses the less used and less expensive parts of the Adirondacks. Please visit our Day Trips and Local Concierge Services pages for details.

“Coming from Australia, we had no idea about what to expect in an authentic Adirondack experience. We couldn’t be happier with our stay at the Cabins in Hope… Not only was the accommodation homey and comfortable… but the innkeepers were perfect hosts and the breakfast provided were delicious and nutritious. Thank you again….”